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Rollover buttons in CSS

Sent by Lee Sommerville on 15 March 2006 19:07


Can anyone please look at for
me and offer assistance.

Dependant on your browser you will more than likely
see positioning errors and will no doubt note a lack
of Doctype in my HTML - i have remedied these on my
mac but have not yet uploaded the site with the
changes so please bear with the visual!!

This site is a test i am doing for the owner of Liquid
and mine and his first attempt at CSS for his sites. 

I am wishing to turn the entire orange left hand
column into seven rollover buttons linking to the
relevant pages e.g Campaigns. Each is a seperate png
and i would really appreciate help and guidance into
turning these into active buttons. 

Ideally i would like the grey border to be edged with
a royal blue when rolled over - any help would be
appreciated warmly and thankfully!!

Also can anyone tell me why the "contact us" box keeps
peskily moving around the page!!!?? I would also like
this to be a link to an e-mail address if anyone knows
the code?

Many many thanks in advance


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