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Website Skeleton - Restructure

Sent by Trystano on 15 March 2006 19:07

Hi all,

I have been given the task of re-designing a website that was done in tables and am currently in the
process of putting the Skeleton in place with DIVs. I have done this after going through the
existing website and identifing what section belongs in a DIV etc. Can you please go over it for me
to see if I have the skeleton correct? The URL is: , and the
mark-up is as follows...

<div id="container">
    <!-- ***** Header ***** -->
    <div id="header">
        Header Image goes here!
    <!-- ***** Main Menu ***** -->
    <div id="main_menu">
        Main Menu goes here! This will be a user control called in to each page!
    <!-- ***** Inner Container ***** -->
    <div id="inner_container">
        <div id="lefthand_menu">
            Left-hand menu goes here!
        <!-- ***** Content Container ***** -->
        <div id="content_container">
            <div id="contact_list">
                Contacts & Clients
            <div id="contact_reports">
                Contacts Reports
            <div id="report_upload">
                Upload Document Section

Hope you can help. (oh yeah, I might be missing a footer, as i'm not sure I will include that yet.



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