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IE Double Float Alternatives

Sent by David Hucklesby on 15 March 2006 18:06

Hi Gretchen, You asked:

> I have run into the IE double float bug on certain pages of my site. 
> Pages that have the bug:
> ...
> So my question I have to use "display:inline" and then spend
> hours fixing all of my squished text or is there something else I can 
> do here to fix the issues in IE?  Thanks!

If you are not fundamentally opposed to adding extra DIVs to your markup, 
you may like to try Eric Meyer's suggestion[1] to wrap all floats in an 
extra floated DIV that has no border, margin, or padding. Place elements 
with the margins etc you need inside that.

This solves several problems, not only doubled margins!

[1] "Eric Meyer on CSS" Project 9 ("Refloating the design")
David Hucklesby, on 3/15/2006

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