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Site review request

Sent by KE Bracken on 15 March 2006 17:05

Hello -

I am new to the list and a relative newbie to CSS - I'm at the tail end of
my first "paid" gig for the layout of a site and would appreciate feedback.
There are 3 stylesheets involved.

The big problem(s) I had (and still have) regard tables and form elements. I
wanted to avoid tables for the membership form, but my skills aren't at that
level - yet.

There is also an IE bug with the dropdown menu when on the membership
application page - the dropdown drops behind the dropdown boxes in the form
- is there a fix for that?.

Plus the topbar search is all askew in Opera.... I had to use a table and
alter the graphic to make it work in IE & FF.

I've just begun to grasp the concept of when to use classes and when to use
ids, so I realize there are probably styles that should be a class instead
of id - you're feedback on that, as well, would be most welcome.

The site is:

The membership form

which is currently in place is temporary. It will be replaced by

when it is completed.

Thank you in advance for your assistance - be gentle....

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