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Font Families - Sizing Comparison Chart

Sent by susan on 15 March 2006 17:05

I'm starting to re-do a big site that currently has all the font  
sizing in pixels, changing to em and/or percentage font sizes.  What  
started as a discussion with a print designer on the relative sizes  
of print (points) to web font sizing, as well as to get my head  
around what I was doing while changing the site, I created a Font  
Comparison chart for myself to use as reference.

I'd really appreciate if the gurus here would take a look at the  
chart (in 2 tables, since it is data) and let me know if I'm  
understanding the font size question of flexibility /adjustability,  
etc.  Since it's basically for myself, I wasn't worried about the  
width of the page. I know that points aren't used (or shouldn't be)  
on the web, but I need the fonts shown in points to prove my point  
(no pun intended) to the print designer :] The first column with the  
font family name & pt size is sized in points.

The paragraphs I've written at the beginning of the page are more or  
less notes to myself so a year from now I'll remember what I did and  
how I made the comparison, but it will also tell you what I'm basing  
the chart on and what my thinking is...

As far a I can tell I have no inheritance from one font and size to  
another except the body specifies the font as 100.1%.  The notes in  
the paragraph explains everything.  As far as I can tell, besides the  
purely visual difference in em height for different font families,  
for the most part the em and percentage remains relatively the same,  
with the main difference between serif and sans serif faces the same  
as it does when working in print. BTW, I don't know if this makes any  
difference, but I'm working on a Mac 22" screen with a default of 96  

Here's the link:

The style sheet is relatively straight forward with comments to myself.

Thanks  - Susan
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