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Sidebar being pushed down in IE6

Sent by Julie Harpring on 15 March 2006 17:05

I would greatly appreciate any help with the the problem below.

We just switched our main site pages to XHTML and CSS, but now we have
realized a problem that occurs only on SOME computers using IE6. In Firefox,
Safari, and IE6 on my computer, the sidebar to the left of the main content,
which includes a navigation menu (Prospective Students | MU International
Center | etc.), search bar, and text (sometimes), lines up horizontally with
the main content, right underneath the gray horizontal menu (Graduate School
Home | Contact Us | etc.).

Here's the URL:

On a few computers using IE6 in our office, though, the sidebar is pushed
down (still floated to the left, though) below the main content. This also
happens on my computer in IE6, on only some of our pages, when I increase or
decrease the text size (via the browser option) from the default. We are
completely stumped on this one. Any ideas? Thanks very much for your time.

Information Specialist
University of Missouri Graduate School
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