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inline lists with left or right borders applied to list items

Sent by Nick Cappadona on 15 March 2006 15:03

Hi Everyone,

I'm having some trouble with IE6 and inline lists.  The problem occurs 
when I apply a right or left border to an individual list item.  
Actually, this alone does not cause the unexpected behavior, but if a 
list item happens to span across two lines, IE will display the right 
border on both lines instead of waiting until the end of the list item 
(on the second line)

I figure this wouldn't be clear without an example, so I have provided 
one here:

With the accompanying CSS here:

If you adjust the width of your browser window, you will notice the 
behavior described above in IE.  I have tested this on Firefox 1.0.7 
PC/Mac, Opera 8.5 PC, Safari 2.0.3 and Internet Explorer 6.0.29

I'm open to any suggestions/advice.

Thanks for your time.
- Nick
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