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Help needed

Sent by Zoe M. Gillenwater on 15 March 2006 14:02

nouhad wrote:
> Hello again,
> I'm having a few problems
> First of
> 1) Is there a practical way in which i can center my text divs within
> a div within without doing the whole 'enter value, check if value
> centers text' process
> 2) How would I go about coding the 'showcase' div class, the way i
> have done it, paddings overflow and the layout is compromised.
> 3) I cannot seem to get rid of the gap between the header and the top
> of the page, any suggestions on how i can 'push' it up?
> 4) This is more of an opinion; what is the most suitable way of
> referring to a CSS stylesheet document, i.e., "href="test.css" or 
> "import"
> 5) Any suggestions on how I can make my code more flexible? The way I
> see it now, it would be hard for me to adjust the website if i needed
> to , later on.
> Thanks.

Hi nouhad,

A few pointers about getting help from this list:

1) Use a descriptive subject line. "Help needed" is redundant because 
everyone here needs help -- it doesn't help us know whether we ought to 
bother reading your thread or not, and it makes it harder for people to 
search the list archives. In your case, you have a bunch of unrelated 
questions in one message, so a good subject line doesn't come to mind 
readily. I would suggest, for next time, breaking a message like this up 
into more related chunks and sending them out as separate threads.

2) Always include a link to the file that displays the problem. If you 
absolutely can't (try really hard!) then you can paste in your code in 
the message, but be aware you won't get as much help that way.


Zoe M. Gillenwater
Design Services Manager
UNC Highway Safety Research Center

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