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Help needed

Sent by nouhad on 15 March 2006 12:12

Hello again,
I'm having a few problems
First of
1) Is there a practical way in which i can center my text divs within
a div within without doing the whole 'enter value, check if value
centers text' process
2) How would I go about coding the 'showcase' div class, the way i
have done it, paddings overflow and the layout is compromised.
3) I cannot seem to get rid of the gap between the header and the top
of the page, any suggestions on how i can 'push' it up?
4) This is more of an opinion; what is the most suitable way of
referring to a CSS stylesheet document, i.e., "href="test.css" or 
5) Any suggestions on how I can make my code more flexible? The way I
see it now, it would be hard for me to adjust the website if i needed
to , later on.
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