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gaps below images, [was] (no subject)Michael Larocque

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 15 March 2006 12:12

Bruno Fassino wrote:

> And line-height makes a difference as well, adding or subtracting 
> extra space (except in IE, but that's a bug.)

So I thought initially, when testing on the original page[1]. That's why
a {font-size: 1px; line-height: 0;} on the container (#header in that
case) can also be used as a "fix" when we don't have to take any real
text (put directly into the container without using a separately styled
element) into account. We will of course also have to get rid of all
extra "whitespace" in such a container, or else IE will add in its own gap.

Nice, so now we can use 'display: block', 'vertical-align: bottom' and
'float' on an image when we want to avoid those 'inline-gaps', and we
can also define very small 'font-size/line-height' on the image's
container for a similar effect.

We can of course also utilize the "almost standard mode" that some
browsers have by using a 'Transitional DTD', but I won't recommend it.
A 'Strict DTD' should be used whenever possible - IMO (but I don't
follow that "rule" all that "strict" myself :-) )


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