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Opera, negative margins, positioning and z-indexes problem

Sent by James Smith on 15 March 2006 12:12

Georg wrote:

>Page didn't look functional on latest reload in Firefox on win2K-pro.

Hi Georg, I have just found an "old" machine to test with Win2K-pro - again it works fine in Firefox
for me - no overlapping of images, and dropdowns work fine, so I'm still not sure why this is
happening for you... I changed the min-font height to 14 and naturally it looked a bit weird but the
dropdowns still worked ok and no overlaps.

Thanks for pointing out the problems with user-resized text - I will look to changing all the sizes
from px to something else... would ems be ok? - I don't really like using "small/x-small" etc
because it is a bit restrictive from a design point of view (especially the massive difference
between "medium and "large"! Also, this requires me to feed one size to most browsers and another
one for IE which is a size bigger than the rest!). When I want to resize my browser text, I usually
just hold down the ctrl key and move the scrolly wheel. I would say that you don't often see body
text any larger than size 12 on a corporate site like this one, but obviously this is all down to
personal taste.

As for the Opera overlapping problem - 8.53 seems to be the most recent version, but it seems to
look ok in 9, So (given that less than 0.5% of my hits are from Opera users, sorry you 4!... I will
leave it as is.)

thanks again for your time (and Ingo too),

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