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gaps below images, [was] (no subject)Michael Larocque

Sent by Philippe Wittenbergh on 15 March 2006 11:11

On Mar 15, 2006, at 7:47 PM, Bruno Fassino wrote:

>>  Does choice of 'font-family' make any difference?
> I just tried and yes, the "gaps" are font-family dependent, as  
> expected
> since different fonts may have different heights for
> descenders/ascenders...   Of course the difference is small [1]  
> (used a
> big font-size, in px on purpose.)
> And line-height makes a difference as well, adding or subtracting  
> extra
> space (except in IE, but that's a bug.)

The line-height does affect the size of the line-box, but this  
doesn't affect the position of the image *in* the line-box; as an  
inline element, it remains on the baseline - unless otherwise  
specified through the use of vertical-align. Or the use of display  
block when the image is the lone object in a block level element.

(exept in IE Windows, but those are big time bugs).

> [1]

Changed subject line to make this more searchable.

Philippe Wittenbergh

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