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Floating fieldsets for multi-column forms

Sent by Gunlaug_Sørtun on 15 March 2006 10:10


>> Try adding a 'hasLayout' trigger... #contentPanel {height: 100%;}

> That helps a lot!  I've read  the hasLayout info a couple of times 
> and it just didn't make sense to me.  Time to look at it again and 
> hope my eyes don't glaze over this time.   ;>

The 'hasLayout'[1][2] concept doesn't really make sense to me either :-)
but that's mostly because it's really "a proprietary and buggy concept -
built into an absurdly buggy browser".
The IE-team say they are working hard to get the whole 'hasLayout'
concept out of future IE/win versions, but that they don't expect to be
able to get rid of it for IE7 final.

There are several problems when dealing with the 'hasLayout' mess...

1: we have to learn how to trigger, and use, 'hasLayout' when it works
to our advantage in IE/win. That may be difficult to figure out at times.

2: we have to avoid triggering 'hasLayout' when it is destroying our
design-attempts in IE/win. That is often difficult - and sometimes

3: we have to choose 'hasLayout' triggers carefully in order to avoid
creating negative side-effects in both standard compliant browsers and
future versions of IE/win. Sometimes we must hide such triggers from
standard compliant browsers altogether.

( I think Microsoft used to include 'hasLayout' in the promotion for
their products as: "more fun" ;-) )


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