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Question about IE6

Sent by Eugene Humbert on 15 March 2006 01:01

A colleage has built a web site for one of his clients, and has run into a
problem on it that I'm not savvy enough to figure out.  It looks perfect in
Firefox (of course!) but has a long stretch of white space between his text
and his form.  I'm not positive if the problem is in his CSS or in the way
he built the page.  Could one of you guru types take a look at it, and give
me a clue I can pass on to him?
The URL is
He has put the form in a container so it can be scrolled through.
Unfortunately in IE that form is WAY down the page, at least to his client
and I.  Without having his site on my computer so I can really tear it
apart, I don't know what to tell him.


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