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disapearing text in IE

Sent by Olly Hodgson on 14 March 2006 22:10

On 14/03/06, Jake Soward [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> I've got an interesting problem in IE.  On some of the pages of a website
> i'm managing, some of the text is partly hidden.  When you scroll, some of
> it shows up while more disapears (only to reapear as you scroll).

This sounds a lot like my old nemesis: The Peekaboo bug

The solution is fairly simple: Apply the "Holly Hack" to the affected element:

/* Hides from IE5-mac \*/
* html .buggybox {height: 1%;}
/* End hide from IE5-mac */

To learn more about the subject, I would strongly recommend that you
read "How to attack an Internet Explorer bug":


Olly Hodgson
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