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ideas for this site

Sent by ~davidLaakso on 14 March 2006 22:10

Greg Morphis wrote:
> A friend wants to design a site to look something like
> Whats the best approach for this? dividing the image up?
> How would I over lay the header,content,footer?
> Any ideas or links would be very helpful.
Nest a two-column layout in a lager width container? This layout 
<> , if the two-columns were 
reversed, is similar to what I think(?), you may be after. However, the 
Web, unlike print media, is controlled by the user. For example, some 
half-blind goofy user is gonna zoom that baby 150 to 200%. Best keep 
that in mind. Don't set any heights on the containers, or your likely to 
wind up with an explosion in an alphabet soup factory. And, 
consequently, the idea of laying something that moves(the text) on top 
of something static(your image) is not a good idea. Accommodate the Web 
and she'll love you. Attempt to control her and she make you wish you 
were never born (I know, I've been there)..
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