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disapearing text in IE

Sent by Jake Soward on 14 March 2006 21:09

I've got an interesting problem in IE.  On some of the pages of a website
i'm managing, some of the text is partly hidden.  When you scroll, some of
it shows up while more disapears (only to reapear as you scroll).  The site
address is

Also, I have another problem with IE.  If you visit in IE, you'll notice (or at least I do) that
there apears to be no form.  If, however you go to, where all i've done is remove the
background of the div where the form is, you'll see there is infact a form
there.  I've had this problem accross a number pages but always seemed to be
able to fix it.  This page however, i could not fix.  On the acual site, the
form has a transparent background.  I was just wondering if anyone knew what
was goin on.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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