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ideas for this site

Sent by cj on 14 March 2006 20:08

On 3/14/06, Greg Morphis [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> A friend wants to design a site to look something like
> Whats the best approach for this? dividing the image up?
> How would I over lay the header,content,footer?
> Any ideas or links would be very helpful.

you'll need a better method of getting the vertical border to extend
all the way down when the content is higher than 200px.  i've used
"display: table;" in good browsers to good effect for this, but i
don't have the time atm to do it for a mock up.

i wasn't sure if your footer had to stay on the bottom or not, but if
it does check the wiki for good links on how to do that.

let me know if that helps.
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