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Best Way to Show/Hide Text

Sent by Els on 14 March 2006 17:05

Jon Wynacht wrote:

> I'm wondering if there is a definitive way to show/hide text
> using JavaScript and CSS. I'm working on a project which
> involves a map with various states that are linked. When a
> state is clicked content appears which is relevant to that
> state. Click another state, the old content is hidden and the
> new content appears.
> You can see what I've come up with here:
> Obviously this doesn't work so well as the positioning is not
> correct.

How do you mean 'not correct' ? Is it in the wrong place? where 
do you want it to appear?

> I'm using the same CSS for each <div/> of content:
> #ca
> {
> background-color: #FFFFFF;
> width: 480px;
> position: absolute;
> top: 515px;
> left: 378px;
> visibility: hidden;
> z-index: 100;
> padding: 10px;
> }
> I'm then using JavaScript to show/hide the layers.
> Any suggestions to obtain cross-browser positioning bliss?

It's currently showing the same in Windows IE, Opera and FF here.

Another suggestion though: let the text 'click on a state...' 
only appear if JS is enabled. That way nobody needs to try and 
click while nothing happens :-)


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