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Problem with floated items and clears - PS

Sent by Michel Bozgounov on 14 March 2006 12:12

Oliver Hodgson wrote:
 > I refer you to here:
 > ...and then to here:
 > IE7 Beta 2 Preview is b0rk3d, but the next preview version appears to be a 
hell of a lot better. As you say, it's only a beta - don't worry too much about 
it just yet.
 > Cheers,
Thanks! Let's see the third beta ;-)

Els wrote:
 >> If the above solution doesn't work, a URL would help to see the
 >> exact situation.
 > Sorry about that, Gunlaug's reply showed me I simply overlooked your URL.
 > I tried your layout locally, and just adding
 > .galleryitem div{zoom:1;}
 > solves it and doesn't mess up IE7.
Yes, it solved the problem! Thanks! :-)

* * *

The ONLY REMAINING BUG that puzzles me is the following:

Now in FF, IE 6, 7 beta 2, Opera 8.5 the gallery behaves as intended.

{zoom:1} fixed it all! :-)

But one strange thing happens in FF 1.5 (does ANYONE experienced something like 
this before?).

Open Then click on the THIRD link from BOTTOM 
to top, which is the GALLERY LINK 

Do you see how the text *Source: [ source here ]*

But ONLY in the FIRST DIV!

In the next DIVs the text *Source: [ source here ]* is right below the paragraph 
next to the image!

What is even more strange, is the fact that on refresh (F5) the text goes up and 
now all the DIVs look the same, as intended.

Bur wonder away from the page 
and then again go back to it, you'll see the previous effect again!

The html is maybe wrong?

<p><a href="javascript:popImage('/zero-waste/gallery/gara-Iskar1.JPG','')"><img 
src="/zero-waste/gallery/gara-Iskar1r.JPG" alt="" /></a>Lorem ipsum dolor sit 
amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nunc eu ligula mattis ipsum fringilla 
<p class="source">Source: [ source here ] (THIS SHOULD BE RIGHT BELOW 

Only in FF the paragraph with the source falls below the image, I can't 
imagine why! And it's ok on refresh, then again...

I guessed that it's related to {display: table}, but cannot understand how could 
I fix it...

Thanks for everyone on this great list! :)))))))))))


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