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Problem with floated items and clears

Sent by Michel Bozgounov on 14 March 2006 12:12

Els wrote:
> [snip]
> But you can assign a height to it and only let IE see it. IE will extend 
> the height to encompass the content if you do that. Another option is to 
> give each of those divs the style 'zoom:1;', which doesn't need to be 
> hidden from other browsers.
May I ask, what does ZOOM actually make?

I tried to use a fix which includes IE6 and below filter and {height: 1%}, but 
it does not work in IE 7. The I tried zoom: 1, even without any filter - it 
appears to be OK! Thanks!

> [snip]
> No, you don't lack a lot of knowledge, only this tiny little bit you 
> need. The problem is finding which bit ;-)
Yeap, which bit, exactly? :)

> If the above solution doesn't work, a URL would help to see the exact 
> situation.

Thanks for the quick feedback! :-)

Finally, ZOOM appears to be fixig everything (I suppose the FF and Opera rely on 
the {displaY: table} and IE 6/7 - on {zoom: 1}.

I am really curious about zoom property in CSS, never used it before...



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