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Problem with floated items and clears

Sent by Els on 14 March 2006 11:11

Michel Bozgounov wrote:

> So... After so many tries, I returned to my first example -
> the one with {display: table} and...
> I do not know what to try :(((
> Each thumb will have different size (probably), and each
> paragraph will have more or less text, so I can't fix the
> height of the containers, otherwise it would be too easy.

But you can assign a height to it and only let IE see it. IE will 
extend the height to encompass the content if you do that. 
Another option is to give each of those divs the style 'zoom:1;', 
which doesn't need to be hidden from other browsers.

> How to clear EXACTLY the image above each of the DIVs, without
> BREAKING the whole page layout (which relies on floats, too),
> and make it consistent across all of the contemporary browsers?
> I've given up, I thought it would be a piece of cake to
> accomplish, but now I see I lack a lot of knowledge concerning
> floats...

No, you don't lack a lot of knowledge, only this tiny little bit 
you need. The problem is finding which bit ;-)

> I've read a lot about floats [3,4], but I somehow cannot apply
> the example to the CURRENT SITUATION, when I have a 3-cols
> layout based on floats. I would like to avoid IE 6 hacks (if
> possible), but if there's no other solution, I would include a
> hack for it. Only, I have to figure out somehow, how this will
> work...

If the above solution doesn't work, a URL would help to see the 
exact situation.


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