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[css-d] combining stylesheets

Sent by Chris on 29 January 2002 19:07

I have separate stylesheets for each section of my website, and that is
probably unnecessary because most of the entries are the same. Some have
different body margins, etc.

Anyway, my question for this forum regards the stylesheet I have for the
page dedicated to my late father's WW-II service. The background image is a
scan of actual fabric, and because it is green I changed the default color
of the text, hyperlinks, etc. for that page. Should I use class or id
instead and have those special cases included on the same stylesheet as my
other dad pages?

The WW-II page I'm talking about is at Its stylesheet is The stylesheet for the
other "dad" pages is at

The biggest problem I had was in specifying link colors correctly. I don't
really want the green textured fabric background to the hyperlinks in the
WebRing box at the bottom of the cbi.htm page, but didn't know what else to
do. I would rather that the WebRing box contain regular default text and
hyperlink colors, but that screws things up for the rest of that page. oops,
that is a whole 'nother question than combining stylesheets. Consider this a

Chris Watson, a.k.a. "The Bicycling Guitarist"
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