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Re: [css-d] How do *you* organize your CSS files?

Sent by Drew McLellan on 29 January 2002 18:06

Timothy J. Luoma wrote:

> Do most folks here have one css file with a lot of definitions or do they
> break it down:

For my latest site, I've been using two (screen) style sheets on each 
page. The first is a sheet that includes all items that are consistant 
throughout the site, like text sizes etc. The second is either home.css 
or sub.css depending on the layout of the page.

I tend to have a different homepage layout to my subpages, and so have 
two different type sheets.

I then have another style sheet for print, one for handheld devices, and 
another for the evil older desktop browsers.

drew mclellan
(css is all in the head)
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