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Re: [css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

Sent by Ben Ryan on 25 January 2002 08:08

From: "Scott Andrew LePera" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
Subject: [css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

So here's the problem: those of you with Mac IE5 will notice that the weblog
paragraphs wrap at the left margin of the random grey text in the upper
right corner, instead of all the way over to the right margin of the page.
That grey text is inside a DIV with a float:right applied. It's almost as
the DIV is stretched downward, invisibly, blocking the text and forcing the

Hi Scott - it all looks fine on all mac browsers I can get my hands on - except ie5 as stated :)

In answer to your query there - it's best to keep the number of divs to a bare minimum with those
early CSS-supporting browsers. I've always found it 
easier to, wherever possible, look for a way of defining styles for elements without the use of

I've had similar problems with IE5/MAC and what I would suggest is something similar to what Jane

Put your random text and image into one div that spans the width of the content.

Declare an img.thumbnail style to float the image left, bring in the random text beside it with
text-align: right and see how that goes.



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