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Re: [css-d] Q: how to give users access to alt-css sheets

Sent by Mark Newhouse on 29 January 2002 18:06

> Since browser support for alternate style sheets is pretty poor, I
> wandered round the 'net looking for a CGI or javascript that would let me
> give the user the option to choose between a few different style sheets.
> I didn't find anything that looked user friendly enough to call me friend,
> so I wondered if anyone here had a good secret they'd be willing to share!

<plug style="type: shameless; promotion: self;">
I'll offer one I used to use that I wrote up for ALA prior to the (much
better, BTW) "Style Sheet Switcher" that has already been recommended:

It too works with Opera, and can be modified to use a cookie.

But, the newer Style Sheet Switcher is better for many reasons, most of
which are outlined in the article.


--Mark Newhouse
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