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Re: [css-d] An Outsider's View

Sent by Rachel Andrew on 29 January 2002 18:06

>We are still very muh at that stage where many peopl are asking the first
>question. I understand why it is being asked. But I'm very much
>interested in the second question.

After 6 months or so of working more-or-less exclusively with CSS for 
layout I now find it a real PITA to have to work on a tables for layout 
site. I need to move something and I have to wade through page after page 
of nested tables carefully readjusting things, instead of changing a couple 
of values in a stylesheet or two.

It's at this point where I can't imagine going back.. not because of some 
idealistic goal, but because its easier, quicker and cleaner... and I like 
that :)

Rachel Andrew

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