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[css-d] IE 6.5 under development?

Sent by MacEdition's CodeBitch on 29 January 2002 18:06


If the rapid uptake of IE6.0 wasn't enough to keep our understanding of
browser capabilities in disarray, I found the following browser tag in the
logs this week.

Mozilla/6.5a8 (compatible; MSIE 6.5a8; noydb)

Now, this could be some reader who knows that I'm looking
<> and has hacked their browser
tag to confuse or amuse me, like these iCab users:
iBrator Pro (Macintosh; I; PPC; MacOS X; Mozilla/5; iCab) and
Babbage Differential Engine/Pre0.3 (hello codebitch)

But taking it at face value, it suggests that another point release of IE is
on the way later in the year.

Does anyone have any info on what changes to CSS and other standards support
are planned for this release? It's not important enough in my logs to worry
me like, say, OmniWeb, and in any case IE6 has pretty good CSS support so
version 6.5 will presumably be better.  But it's worth bearing in mind. This
isn't 1999 any more -- the browser world isn't staying still by any

FWIW, (Windows-only) IE6 has hit 10% of our pageviews -- on a site that is
has than two-thirds of its readership using Macs.  Presumably most others
are seeing even more IE6 than we are.

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