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RE: [css-d] CSS, <td> and hierarchy?

Sent by Kauler, Leto S on 29 January 2002 17:05

> From: Bruce MacKay
> Occasionally, I need to have the table display a smaller font 
> size; apart 
> from adding ... class="tablesmfont" to each <td> tag, is there a more 
> efficient way to apply the small font style to an entire table.
> td{font:12px verdana,arial,sans-serif}
> .tablesmfont{font:10px arial,verdana,geneva,sans-serif}

I would do it by adding a td selector to .tablesmfont, which means all <td> tags inside a
tablesmfont class will use a small font (I think).

td {font:12px verdana,arial,sans-serif}
.tablesmfont td {font:10px arial,verdana,geneva,sans-serif}

-- Leto
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