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Re: [css-d] An Outsider's View

Sent by westciv on 29 January 2002 17:05


>I intend to follow CSS development closely, but for now, the table site
>looks great across all browsers.

The way I look at this is a little different. Tables are great for 
designin sites that work great when designed using tables. CSS opens up a 
whole world of possibility, but to an extent, doesn't necessairly make 
reporducing those kind of table centric designs simple.

As any medium matures, people stop asking "how can I do this thing using 
technology x I used to do using technology y" to "what can i do with 
technology x".

We are still very muh at that stage where many peopl are asking the first 
question. I understand why it is being asked. But I'm very much 
interested in the second question.



John Allsopp

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