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IE7b2 breaks the alternate box model hack: comment bug fixed, but not !important

Sent by Ingo Chao on 3 February 2006 15:03


In "What’s New for CSS in Beta 2 Preview?"
Markus Mielke said they have fixed the comment bug:

   property /**/: value;

value is now recognized by IE7b2 (like in all browsers but IE6).

But !important is still ignored, valueB overwrites valueA

   property: valueA !important;
   property: valueB;

This wild fixing of only /half/ of the bugs breaks all pages that make 
use of the alternate box model hack.

Well, in "Call to action: The demise of CSS hacks and broken pages" they 
have warned.

In Molly's "Star HTML and Microsoft IE7"
this comment was broadly accepted:

“If IE7 fixes all those issues and behaves according to W3C standards, 
why should the hack matter?… If IE7 is as good as they say, it should 
ignore the hack and just render everything normally while IE6 and lower 
will still use the hack.”

So fixing the /**/-bug requires fixing the !important bug.


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