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Re: [css-d] 3 little buttons

Sent by Bob Boyle on 29 January 2002 17:05

> I want to line up 3 icons at the bottom of each page
> [valid xhtml]           [valid css]          [anybrowser]
> #1 left flush
> #2 center
> #3 right flush
> I want to do this w/o tables using xhtml and css and have it fill
> width:100%; "fluidly"

Take a look at this, I think it does what you want:

Here's the relevant code:

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;">
  <img src="ban-cool88.gif" alt="left image"
       style="width:88px;height:31px;float:left;" />

  <img src="ban-relief88a.gif" alt="right image"
       style="width:88px;height:31px;float:right;" />

  <img src="ban-node88.gif" alt="middle image"
       style="width:88px;height:31px;margin: 0 auto;" />

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