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[css-d] An Outsider's View

Sent by Paul Davidson on 29 January 2002 17:05

Hello. This appears to be a uniquely thoughtful list. I thought I might
provide a non-developers view (although hesitantly). Consider me one of
those decision makers that makes all of you pull your hair out.

Our company, during a recent platform switch for our private website,
attempted the cookie-cutter, 3 column layout in CSS. After 2 weeks of
banging our heads against the wall to get Mac IE to match Windows IE (The
latest Netscape seemed to get it right all of the time), we decided to save
everyone the grief and just go tables. We are using stylesheets for
formatting, just not layout.

Were we short-sided? I think not. I wanted to spend more time working on the
site design, architecture, and content. Also, a corporation cannot allow
their site to look perfect in 70% of browsers, and broken in 30% of
browsers. And god help the person whose IT department still forces them to
use Netscape 4.7. 

Maybe this is why we see way too many poorly designed flash sites. They used
up half of their cycle trying to tweak code for CSS.

I intend to follow CSS development closely, but for now, the table site
looks great across all browsers.

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