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Re: [css-d] trouble centering text in n6.2

Sent by Timothy Tolle on 25 January 2002 08:08

Joshua Usdavin wrote:

> I'm trying to center text below an image and within the width of the 
> image placed above.  My CSS

Short answer: your 'p' margins are wrong. Set them to look like this:
p {   margin: 0px auto 0px auto; }

Long answer: You're using 'text-align' inappropriately. You set 
'text-align: center'  as property of the body tag, thinking it would 
center all elements on the page, including the 'p' blocks. Text-align, 
however, only applies to inline elements-- that's text and images, for 
your purposes. When Netscape 6 (or Opera, or whatever) encounters the 
'p' tag, the 'text-align: left' overrides the body declaration, making 
all the text inside it move to the left. The p block itself does not get 

Adding auto margins to the left and right of the p block will make the 
whole block center on the page.

The fact that IE rendered it how you wanted only means IE was rendering 

Hope this helps.
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