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frameless frames, synchronized scroll, and tableless tables (basically Excel)

Sent by heinrich klassen on 6 January 2006 22:10


don't you think tables are neccessary to provid structure in datasets?
you should indeed read:
seems offtopic, but this is too important for me.
tables are not useless.


2006/1/6, Maziak, Peter (Tek Systems) [EMAIL-REMOVED]>:
> I am using four divs (plus others) to build "frameless frames."   It is
> starting to look good in Firefox, but not in IE/win.  Please advise on
> any of the following issues, higher priority listed first.  Any advice
> appreciated.
> 1) BOTTOMRIGHT DIV wraps (goes below) BOTTOMLEFT DIV in IE/win.  I have
> temporarily commented out overflow:hidden in the body tag so that this
> is apparent  when viewing in IE --> will result in extra scrollbar.
> 2a) Is it possible for the HEADER DIV to resize height dynamically
> depending on content (instead of the fixed height of 4em).  This is
> painfully obvious when browser resized to 800x600, forcing a third line
> in the header -> forcing the horizontal scrollbar to hide in BOTTOMRIGHT
> 2b)  and/or force TOPLEFT and TOPRIGHT to be flush with BOTTOMLEFT and
> BOTTOMRIGHT  (ie: vertical align bottom) ...thus allowing some
> whitespace immediately above.
> Additional notes:  the four DIVs are required because I will be placing
> tabular data into each: think scrollable Excel data (BOTTOMRIGHT) with
> fixed X and Y headers (BOTTOMLEFT and TOPRIGHT).  And items to tackle
> thereafter:
> 3) add synchronized scrolling (got the basic cross-browser functionality
> done, just need to integrate - types with fingers crossed)
> 4) how to align the rows and columns in BOTTOMRIGHT with BOTTOMLEFT and
> If I use tables, one long string can break alignment of several columns;
> but if I use DIVs (with overflow:hidden) I need to use
> percentages--neither an ideal solution :(
> ANY advice appreciated!
> Thanks,
> -Pete
> References:
> frameless frame
> synchronized scroll
> tableless table
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