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overflow strategy for a fixed width table?

Sent by Ingo Chao on 31 December 2005 15:03

Rolf Mortenson wrote:
> Cool technique! I don't think (on first glance) it will work in this  
> particular case - the programmers on the back end will cringe if I  
> suggest a jump to another page for the full details.

You might promise this kind of "longdesc" technique would allow for 
adding as much columns as they like to add ;) and your design could 
help visitors not being equipped with wide screens to access the page.

One the other hand, my proposal can be seen as a misuse of CSS. 
Anyway, there might be a better scripting solution to your problem, 
others will have more ideas.

> On my original problem, though, it occurs to me that using the text- 
> overflow: ellipsis; might be at least a partial solution for some of  
> the data columns (especially the first column) which are actually  
> links, if I add the "title" attribute...  won't the title attribute  
> trigger a tooltip-like popup on hover with the full title text?  
> Haven't played with it yet but remember seeing it discussed recently.

text-overflow: ellipsis; restricts this functionality to IE6, as it 
is a MS extension to CSS (and it leaves IE5.5 out), when I am not 
entirely wrong.

CSS3Text Module CR [1] has an example with 
text-overflow-mode:ellipsis, this does not work in any of my browsers.



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