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Re: [css-d] simple(?) css layout

Sent by Mark Newhouse on 29 January 2002 16:04

on 1/29/02 2:17 PM, noah at [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:

> Thanks very much - that worked perfectly. Now I can leave the menu
> relatively positioned, and the content div appears in roughly the right
> place in NN4. It seems like a bit of a hack, but I'm beyond the point of
> worrying about that.

It is a bit of a hack, but in my defense :) I'll point out that I discovered
it when I actually wanted my navigation menu to have a negative left margin
(and stick out to the left a bit). It was a side benefit that it cured the
NN4 issue. I say benefit because 16% or more of my audience (depending on
the page) are astronomers using Netscape 4.x on Unix machines. And most of
them use NN4.x even when they surf on their Windows/Linux boxes...

But, though I refuse to design to that browser, I am more than happy to
discover these little hacks that make things work at least a little better
on that browser...

Glad I could help!

--Mark Newhouse
  We put the "blah" in blog...
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