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CSS and PNG - still not KISSING (in IE)

Sent by Ingo Chao on 30 December 2005 22:10

Adrian Gould wrote:
> Hi Ingo - thanks for that link, proof that it's possible to integrate the
> idea.  The problem persists though, because while your example shows a
> single background image _under_ the <li>s, what I'm proposing is that IE
> cope with a BG image being applied to _each_ li.  

Actually, my test case has to show a solution for links not working 
at all when placed above a transparent background under certain 
conditions so far. There is an explanation of the why and hows of 
this test a bit down on my page [1]. The reason for the links being 
patched on top of the transparent image is to show that some parts 
of the links are clickable, others don't, depending on the current 
transparency of the pixel in the image /under/ the link, which might 
indicate that there is something wrong with the mouse event handling 
in this poor filter concept.

I haven't looked at your test case thoroughly yet, but I cannot see 
the basic difference in applying the filter to an additional inner 
wrapper of the absolutely positioned element as my test shows it and 
the problem you are encountering.

In [1], I have noted that any element which shall take this filter 
burden must have "layout", and I have linked to [2]. Currently, your 
list entries do not have "layout", therefore, you cannot apply a 
filter to them at all until you are triggering this. But this would 
cause more troubles, as lists do show more bugs as usual in IE when 
the li gets layout, we mentioned that in that article too.

Some will say filters, being a MS proprietary, buggy and abandoned 
concept, are not within the range of CSS as the specification 
defines it, and therefore, the issue is slightly off topic, I fear.

A "degradation without grace" would be appropriate for IE6, I think.

Good luck.


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