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overflow strategy for a fixed width table?

Sent by Rolfsf on 30 December 2005 16:04

I've got a fixed width table (750px) with 10 columns on a fixed width  
page. I've been asked to squeeze an additional 2 or 3 columns of data  
into the same space. In some cases, the data simply won't fit  
horizontally in the space allotted at readable font sizes. I know the  
arguments for allowing the page and the table to expand, but I'm  
trying to explore other options due to other constraints.

One option is that I simply use
    {overflow: auto;}
on the table (or perhaps, the div that contains the table).

Is there another way?

For example, I could use
      { text-overflow: ellipsis; }
on certain columns, but how do I make that hidden data visible if a  
user wants to see it?

Is there any way to use overfow: auto; on a colgroup that works on  
most browsers?
(for example, apply overflow: auto; to only the first 3 columns of  
the table?)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you all might have!


I'm currently traveling overseas and using dialup, so I'm on the  
digest (ie. my replies may lag)
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