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Box Model

Sent by Uwe Kaiser on 21 December 2005 19:07

On 21.12.2005 18:40, Adam Kuehn wrote:
> Holly Bergevin wrote:
>>(The MSDN page does not mention HTML4.01, the current W3C 
>>recommendation, but I have found that, for box model issues at 
>>least, as long as there is a complete doctype, IE6 will be in standards mode.)
> Well, the page you cite does say, "Standards-compliant mode is also 
> switched on when you specify a version of HTML that is not listed in 
> the table, such as HTML 1.0 or HTML 3.22."  Version 4.01 is not 
> listed in the table, so therefore I would deduce that 4.01 always 
> triggers standards-compliant mode, regardless of URL.  I have not 
> tested this deduction in practice, however, and would be interested 
> to hear the results.

For those, who want to know it more exactly
< >

As I wrote on the page, newer versions of browsers may differ.
That means, especially Safari and Opera might switch to a
*real* standards-compliant mode in newer versions, while older
versions keep in almost-standards mode. Even Henri Sivonen will
not give us an answer.

A bit more topical, but not up-to-date (Opera 8/9 is missing):
< >

The minimum to switch browsers to Compat1 in (X)HTML is:
<!DOCTYPE html>

Uwe Kaiser
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