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[css-d] forcing height

Sent by Steve Tannock on 30 May 2002 19:07

Hi all..

	I just joined, and scanned the archives, but didn't see an answer - my
apologies if something like this has been answered previously.

	I have a layout (view at:
fm) (it should work in IE 5.5+, ns 6+, mozilla, opera 5+).

	As you can see the 'contentbox' is divided into 3 columns, each of varying
length (at somepoint, their content will be dynamic).

	The left most column, currently the shortest, doesn't extend the full
length of the other two, as it should (the add book & edit book images
should align with add event & edit event), with a border running down it's
right hand side. I want to know if it is possible to do this (force an
element to extend to the full height of the container, that isn't
positioned). I've tried granting the various elements a position:relative,
but that doesn't seem to help. I thought position:absolute would 'reset'
inside each container, but that doesn't appear to happen in NS6.2.

	The format for the page is roughly this:

	<div id="contentbox">(draws the outside border)
		<div id="menuframe">(left column)
			<div id="contentframe">hi!</div> <--This is the one I want to force to
		<div id="menuframe">(middle column)
		<div id="menuframe">(right column)

	So my apologies for my long (introductory) post, but any suggestions would
be most appreciated.



Steve Tannock
connaissance est force
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