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[css-d] 3 little buttons

Sent by Timothy J. Luoma on 29 January 2002 16:04

I want to line up 3 icons at the bottom of each page

[valid xhtml]           [valid css]          [anybrowser]

#1 left flush
#2 center
#3 right flush

I want to do this w/o tables using xhtml and css and have it fill
width:100%; "fluidly"

So far no soap.

I've tried float:left float:none: float:right but I must be missing
something, cuz it still don't work.... it can't be that difficult!


ps -- right now I achieve this layout at my site using   -- something
I'd prefer to stop doing :-)

Timothy J. Luoma ~ ~ [EMAIL-REMOVED]
Amateur Webdesigner Extraordinaire
Favorite pasttime: Finding and Reporting obscure typos in webpages
"Good web designers are frequently validated"
Replies to the list preferred unless I've wandered too far OT :-)
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