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[css-d] Divergence between compliant browsers

Sent by Daniel Ruiz on 29 January 2002 16:04

I've been following this little nightmare all week and the Mozilla Group is clearly wrong in its
interpretation of the spec. I've read it and there is a clear exception for inline replaced
elements, where the height of the box is given by the 'height' property ("In HTML, IMG, INPUT,
TEXTAREA, SELECT, and OBJECT elements can be examples of replaced elements"). But in this case the
spec really doesn't matter, the Mozilla Group needs to take into account the fact that image-slicing
and tables are not going way. Web sites have been designed this way for years and probably will
continue to be for years to come. 

   At this time I know some of you out there are thinking who cares about Mozilla/Netscape they lost
the browser war nobody uses them. Well this could change over night if AOL/Time Warner decided to
use Mozilla 1.0(Netscape6.?) as its default browser. 

   The question now is what as designer and front-end developers do we do about this problem. I
personally would like to see the Web Standards Project come out of retirement to address this issue
(a little bad press and some pressure from designers maybe enough to get the Mozilla Group to change
this to a bug rather than a feature, remember what happened to smarttags).

Daniel Ruiz
Visual Architect  

think globally, click locally
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