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Re: [css-d] font-family choices

Sent by Austin Govella on 29 January 2002 16:04

>>Verdana and Georgia are ideal for the web
>>because they were designed to be more
>>legible on the screen. Both Times and Arial
>>get too skinny and cramped to read.
> However web is not only the screen. I prefer Verdana/Georgia for 
> the screen as well, but recently I've started to use alternate 
> stylesheets for media "print" and have found that Arial/Times 

i agree wholeheartedly. the very reason verdana and georgia are good for 
the screen (large x-height) is the very reason they look to big on 
paper. plus where sans-serif is easier to read on current monitors, 
serifed text is easier to read on paper because of the higher resolution.

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