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[css-d] Dueling pseudoclasses?

Sent by Joe Howley on 29 January 2002 14:02

I was playing around with some design ideas last night, and hit a snag I 
can't seem to fix.

The problem is in DIV#linky .  I'm trying to give all A elements in the DIV 
specific attributes... :LINK, :VISITED, and :HOVER are being used.  But i 
also want to set :first-letter, and IE and moz.9.7 (win2k) seem to be 
choking on it.  Opera 6 handles it just fine.
It's hard to describe the problems... you sort of have to see it for 

Where does first-letter fit into that rule we discussed earlier?  Any idea 
how I can fix this?

(by the way, i know the html doesn't validate,but i think the css does)

joe howley

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