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Re: [css-d] OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Rachel Andrew on 29 January 2002 14:02

>I'm on several lists, some are even web-oriented, and I'm going to guess 
>the lack of knowledge is due to the proliferation of WYSIWYG *tools.* I 
>know of several graphic artists (very good ones too) who buy a copy of the 
>WYSIWYG du jour and go into business as web developers based on their 
>ability to manipulate a graphics tool.

there is however, a huge difference between someone who doesn't understand 
html/CSS/JavaScript whatever and is using a visual tool because that's the 
only way they can build a site and the professional who uses a visual tool 
to help speed up monotonous tasks or to help in a team environment where 
there are developers and designers with different skillsets and levels..

I can only speak for Dreamweaver but the very fact that the product is 
extensible is brilliant for developers who are heading up web teams - you 
can write a whole load of your own code for the rest of the team to use 
etc. and that code will be as valid and compliant as you write it.

The problem with all of these tools is that, at present, not one of them 
produces valid code _by default_ sure you can hack at them to make them 
come closer, but your average user probably won't realise that.

The concern really isn't the professional web developer so much as the 
person using it because looking after their company's website is just one 
of the jobs they have to do. The professional developer should know that 
the code might need some work to get it to validate, will know how to 
extend the product to get the best from it, will know when the product adds 
extra code and how to stop that ... the average user will just do whatever 
'looks nice' and it's for those users that I'd like to see Dreamweaver (and 
its ilk) produce valid (X)HTML.

Rachel Andrew

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