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RE: [css-d] God Damn Netcsape

Sent by Peter-Paul Koch on 25 January 2002 07:07

>is there a way that you can prevent inheritance within the @import.css?
>(i.e. so that those browsers that understand @import start afresh???)

What I sometimes do is the following:

1) Declare the NN4 styles in the normal style sheet, for instance
   div.className{top: 10px;}
2) Add a CLASS="IE" to the BODY tag.
3) Declare the other styles in the @import with reference to this class, for 
   body.IE div.className {top: 15px;}

Since the imported styles refer to a body with a class, they're more 
specific than the general styles in the normal style sheet, hence they are 
given precedence.

Works fine. Of course there are many other methods, but this one is my 


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