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Re: [css-d] Re: OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Ziya Oz on 29 January 2002 14:02

Timothy J. Luoma wrote:
> Do the visual page layout tools make valid PostScript, or does the
> PostScript only work for certain printers, say HP, to the exclusion of
> others?

There are plenty of PostScript apps whose output is more compact and easier
to parse than others. There was a time (far less so now) when some apps put
out crappy PS output.
> Do the visual movie editing tools make my QuickTime movie only play in
> Windows?

Yes, some visual editors let you create movies only for Windows.

You seem to be confusing the 'visualness' of the tool with the quality of
its output. Any tool can produce crappy output, visual or otherwise. At
least the visual ones allow a far greater number of people to participate,
thereby assuring the eventual popularity and success of their respective

> The GUI is nice, but the CLI had plenty of things better.

Well, at least you used it in the past tense.
> Do you think we'd have the HTML mess we have today if it weren't for the
> proliferation of visual tools that failed to follow standards and made it
> easier for people to write bad code?

Absolutely. Look at all the crappy code generated by non-visuals tools, and
not just on the web but in general. Again, I'm not sure your equating
quality output with non-visualness is warranted.

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