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Re: [css-d] Re: OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Joe Howley on 29 January 2002 14:02

Timothy sorta said all I indended to say.

If any of you have your December 13 2001 New York Times lying around 
somewhere, you can find in the Circuits section a Letter to the Editor I 
wrote them chastising their article that glorified WYSIWYGs (you ahve no 
idea how proud of me my journalism instructor was, even though he didn't 
understand it).  I think my main case was that they produce bad code, and 
that there's no reason _not_ to learn the languages and code by hand.

This list sort of illustrates why hand-coding is good.  You learn so much 
about how the language and new ways to think... but more importantly, there 
are some things you _have_ to do by hand.

I was just thinking about some of the dreamweaver sites I've rescued from 
the Land of the Windows-IE-Only, especially in terms of CSS.  It made me 
think about people being rescued from the Borg on Star Trek.  Oh dear.

joe howley

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