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Re: [css-d] OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Jeremy Dunck on 29 January 2002 14:02

>Message: 46
>Subject: Re: [css-d] OT:  Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory
>From: Ziya Oz [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
>abbey wrote:
> > I'm going to guess the lack of knowledge is due to the proliferation of
> > WYSIWYG *tools.*
>Since no one else has come to the defense of visual tools, I will.
>Three cheers for visual tools, and may they continue to get better.

  I think that we are demonstrably better for having the tools.  The tools 
lower the learning curve and take away some of the fear factor for newbies.  
How many of you can remember your first blank notepad window, before you 
began your first HTML file?

  Even so, I think that the current tools do not yet properly support the 
standards put forth.  It is difficult (if not impossible) to use WYSIWYG 
tools (as available today) and get compliant code.
  In fact, I have a hard time envisioning a tool to let you WYSIWYG 
stylesheets effectively-- but that's probably my lack of experience talking.

  In a separate vein, I think that a person who picks up Dreamweaver and 
starts slinging WYSIWYG code is very similar to a highschooler who can use a 
calculator, but has no grasp on the concept of long division.
  Its great to have a calculator to save all that time, but if you don't 
understand the concepts, where will you be when your calculator's battery 
dies during the exam.  How about when your neighbor complains that your site 
looks like hell on WebTV?

  -Jeremy Dunck

P.S. --That's all from me for the day.  I really need to get to work, and 
stop all this CSS reading.  I'm an addict, I tell ya!

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